Non-Magic Viking Campaign

Spring Fever

The White Wolf


The adventures began on a mushroom induced vision quest lead by Grimhild. The PCs fought a skeletal wolf which attacked them in their group dream. Later that week Swanhild, Gabriel and Grim came across a rabid white wolf while hunting which they quickly brought down.

Guthorm takes a group of young fighters and steals the village’s ship to go raiding locally. The Earl’s wife was very displeased with this.

During their an adventurous spring in the village, the PCs fought off a surprise boar wildmen attack on the village. Swanhild covered with arrows as Grimhild and Gabriel formed the back line of the shield wall, responsible for killing the wildmen the shield wall let through. Luckily the characters were victorious holding the wildmen off with with the help of the farmer Olf’s orders and the herder Brynhild’s bow cover. Over eighty wildmen laid dead after the battle with no causalities from the village. Thorstien was badly hurt but recovered.


The Earl’s wife threw a feast in their honor for defending the village.

After helping with a dire rat invasion of Eyolf’s shed and Gabriel’s foolhardy bear wrestling (in which Grimhild caught a claw across the face), the players sailed to the village of Islehelm to help the Lady Earl Hallfrid defend against a savage group of wolf wildmen. Many of the Earl’s were sick from wolf bites and Grimhild was unable to treate them. The leader of the wildmen turned out to be a white wolf shape changer but the PCs saved the village from their ravages of with a tactical ambush involving fire. By the fates the shape changers only weakness was fire. Borgar was badly injured during the battle.

They hunted down a small whale to help feed the starving village though Grimhild almost drown during the hunt.


Aesa had to go on a diplomatic adventure with Ulf and Hervard to settle a blood feud created during the raiding by her brother Guthorm.


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