Non-Magic Viking Campaign

Summer HeyDay Gathering

Murder and Intrege


The PCs are invited to attend the heyday gathering of the viking youth from the surrounding five villages. It is an event useful for making new friends and rivals as well as a wife or husband.

A Christian Missionary shows up in the village and his faith is tested by Lady Kos. The test is to bring her a white hot iron unburned. The missionary failed and was killed.

The gathering when fowl however Guthrom was accused of murdering a girl from the Hammerholm village. It is believed by the PCs that it was Stein who was responsible but it was never proven.

Gabriel won the wrestling contest against Glum which lasted many hours. Gabriel meet Thorhalla from the village of Sumerland and developed a liking for her.

Grimheld meet the old runemaster, Aki, who taught her two runes.

Ulf got his arm broken early by Glum and Raknar meet his wife.

Guthrom killed Fjot defending himself from the murder charges. This has created a great rift between his village and Hammerholm.
The late Fjot. 2nd Son to the Earl of Hammerholm.


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